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AI Lab

All-in-one tool for prompt engineers and AI developers

day 7: waitlist

Building micro SaaS with no-code / low-code – day 7: double opt-in waitlist with Make and Airtable

day 6: form validation

There is Christmas ahead, so yesterday, I did something rather unspectacular - I added validation to a form field. I wrote the function in HTML, CSS, and JS without any ready-made libraries.

day 5: landing page almost done

Last weekend, I worked on the landing page for the prompt management app. I used my existing personal website and an earlier crafted design system, so I didn’t have to code it from scratch.

day 4: landing page prototype

Yesterday, I finished the first version of a landing page prototype. I traditionally work in Figma because it lets me quickly change the design.

day 3: features

I am building an application with the working name “Prompt Manager”. We have identified the problem and learned that people are potentially interested in solving it. Now, it’s time to develop a list of the application’s features.

day 2: pre-validation

After identifying the problem you want to solve with your SaaS application, check if anyone else needs help.

day 1: problem to solve

When building a startup, don’t start by looking for a business idea. Instead, find a problem and then create a tool to solve it.