what is a side hustle

What is a side hustle? It is an activity carried out alongside full-time work and hobbies to obtain repeatable benefits (most often financial).

what is a side hustle

Let’s break this definition down.

Financial benefits

A side project is not a hobby. We pursue hobbies solely for pleasure, not expecting anything from anyone. We create a side project to achieve something – often money as an additional income stream or better-paying work.

Repeatable benefits

A side project is not freelancing. A side project should be scalable, i.e., potential earnings should not depend on the number of hours spent in front of the computer after returning from full-time work.

Part-time gig

A side project is not full-time employment or a true business. Meaning: it’s NOT YET. A well-run side project can develop into a lucrative company. Thanks to a side project, you can also acquire new skills that can help you switch to a better-paying job.

Before this happens, you will only work on it in your spare time. The key here is the maximum automation of all processes and implementing your ideas as quickly as possible.