three essential ingredients for a side project idea

Three essential ingredients for a side project idea that will boost the chances of its success.

three essential ingredients for a side project idea

Your side project - just like any business or startup - should address a specific problem. Looking around, you’ll spot numerous issues that could use a solution. Your resources are limited (time, money, motivation), so you must be selective.

The most crucial criteria when choosing a side project idea are:

  1. The problem you wish to solve is significant to people – there needs to be a substantial group of individuals willing to spend money on a solution to that particular issue.
  2. The market is under-served – the existing solutions should be underperforming in addressing the chosen issue.
  3. You are passionate about solving this problem – the problem should captivate you to the extent that you’d want to spend years searching for its solution.

In upcoming posts, I’ll delve deeper into all three points. Finding a topic that genuinely engrossed me was the most challenging aspect, so I’ll initially focus on point 3.

Source: “How the most successful B2B startups came up with their original idea” by Lenny Rachitsky