set your individual goals

While building a side project, sooner or later, there will come a moment of fatigue and discouragement. Prepare for it in advance by determining why you want to do it.

I’m not starting my own business because I suffer from too much free time. A side project is a tool to achieve my life goals for the following years.

I divided my plans and dreams into six groups, according to the following criteria:

You can find an example matrix in the table below.

operational (1 y)complete the education path in front-end development and JavaScriptbuild my web application using a no-code platform
tactical (2-3 y)complete the educational path in programming with Python and MicroPython languagesmonetise the application and achieve revenue at least equal to full-time job compensation
strategic (4-5 y)pass high school mathematics and start engineering studies in automation and an expert brand in the no-code / low-code area – speak at an international conference

I also treat the list of goals as a filter. My problem is not the lack of life ideas but their abundance. Written down goals help me filter out subsequent “brilliant” ideas that come to mind every day :)