meet svarozyc

As befitting a former marketing specialist, I started building the side project by inventing a name. Meet SVAROZYC – a new player in the robotics and automation market.

slavic pagan deity on swamp
  1. I am interested in Slavic mythology. A long time ago (2019), while reading, I came across the name of a pagan deity – Swarozyc – which caught my eye.
  2. Professional deviation made me check for a free domain with this name and a .com extension. There wasn’t.
  3. I added an international twist to the name and swapped W for V. In such a form, the domain was already available.
  4. Checked if an English speech synthesiser doesn’t break its tongue on this name; it sounded pretty cool.
  5. I Bought the domain having no clue whatsoever as to what I would later do with it – until recently.

My approach would be different now: use available AI tools to generate a list of ideas for tech start-up names, but we’ll look at that in another post soon!