initial business model

I have already run four different companies in my life. None of them survived in the market. I’ve made several assumptions about my new side project to avoid making the same mistakes.

engineer building the robot
  1. Solopreneur – employing full-time staff is a considerable responsibility for their development and mortgage repayments. I don’t want to take it on now, and the available budget does not allow it.
  2. Global reach – this high-sounding term means that content will be published only in English.
  3. Self-financing – until necessary, I won’t use external funding, whether grants or investment funds.
  4. Scalability – I won’t offer services based on an hourly rate system.
  5. AI + no-code / low-code – For a side project to not just become an expensive hobby, the lack of employees and external financing has to be compensated for somehow else; In my case, through no-code / low-code technologies and AI systems.