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what is a side hustle

What is a side hustle? It is an activity carried out alongside full-time work and hobbies to obtain repeatable benefits (most often financial).

personal brand or business brand

In my spare time, I’m building a side project. It’s an open-source / open hardware robot for learning programming. I pondered for a long time whether to promote it under my name or a distinct brand.

meet svarozyc

As befitting a former marketing specialist, I started building the side project by inventing a name. Meet SVAROZYC – a new player in the robotics and automation market.

initial business model

I have already run four different companies in my life. None of them survived in the market. I’ve made several assumptions about my new side project to avoid making the same mistakes.

set your individual goals

While building a side project, sooner or later, there will come a moment of fatigue and discouragement. Prepare for it in advance by determining why you want to do it.